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Fertigation Equipment

The Add-G-Tator is an affordable mechanical agitator to mix gypsum, magnesium, fertilisers and chemicals for injection into irrigation systems.

These fertigation tanks have been in manufacture now for over 10 years, and have sold over 500 units nationwide.

Depending on your requirements, we can design your agitator to suit your application with any number of combinations of pumps, motors, speeds and capacities.

Variable frequency drive (VFD) units are fitted as standard, to allow for maximum agressive agitation of non-dissolving products (e.g. micro gypsum) or minimum agitation of soluble products or chemicals.

We are able to add on steps, operators' platforms, overhead work lights, solar panels, secure/lockable control boxes and more. If you have an idea not listed you'd like to see on your agitator, speak to us and we would be glad to customise it to suit your requirements.

2000L Agitator   2000L Agitator

2000L Agitators


Note: Only base and tank are drawn, as other accessories (e.g. stands, steps, etc) can change depending on requirements.

2000L agitator on trailer
2000L agitator on trailer
   1000L agitator with Honda pump
1000L agitator with Honda pump
   5400L agitator with platform
5400L agitator with platform