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Rotary hoe modifications


We have plenty of experience in modifying rotary hoes to become multipurpose implements.

Whether you need a bed former attached to your hoe, a fertiliser dosing unit added above it, or both, we can make any combination to suit your requirements.

    Bed formers


    We are able to make bed formers to your preferred widths, spacings and specifications.

    Additional items like fertiliser boxes can also be added. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

      Water wheel planters


      Options include single- or 3-row planters, and capacities from 600L-4000L are available.

      Safety seats with full adjustment are included. The water wheel can be adjusted by a hydraulic side shift.

        Plastic mulch & Trickle tape


        We can help you both lay down and retrieve plastic used in your small crops. From implements with a sole purpose of laying trickle tape to multipurpose Bed formers/Plastic layers/Trickle layers, we can help with your requirements.


        • Trickle layers
          • Suitable for various crops
          • Heavy duty
          • Includes swivel coulter disc for easy laying
        • Trickle/poly pipe rewinders
          • No spool required for disposing of Trickle or re-using of poly pipe
          • Collapsible centre
        • Plastic retrievers
          • Heavy duty
          • For lifting plastic and trickle tape
          • Bed former/Plastic layer/Trickle layer
            • Heavy duty
            • Carries 2x rolls of plastic and 2x rolls of trickle
            • Bed former is lined with hard-wearing nylon (‘teflon’) sheeting
            • Rear mould boards are hydraulically adjustable up/down by the rear operator