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in shed Equipment

Bin handling equipment


  • Single or double tip-over types available
  • Automatic bin stackers
  • Automatic bin dippers

Creep feed dip tanks


    • Dip tanks made of stainless steel with turning rollers, water-resistant chain and greasable bearings
    • Water does most of the work, resulting in less damage to produce
    • Different size units available, from 2-22 pallets per day



  • Available in aluminium, steel, or food-grade stainless steel
  • Belts, modular belts, rollers, chains all possible
  • Experienced in manufacturing many different types: picking, inspection, packing, drying and more

Add-A-Brush units


  • Suitable for all types of fruit and vegetables
  • Overhead brushing, washing, polishing and drying
  • Turning rollers to ensure full contact with produce
  • Also available in a dry polishing system with only overhead floppy brushes
    • Particularly gentle on mangoes with stems on
  • Adjustable speeds and brush heights
  • Water-resistant chain and greasable bearings
  • PVC conveyor belt floors or PVC rollers

YWe are able to supply a full range of in-shed equipment to make your operation more efficient.