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macadamia Nut equipment

Bundaberg is now Australia’s largest macadamia growing region, and we are able to supply equipment to help at all stages of production.

Contact us for further information on how we can help you and your operation.

See the Spraying page for pre-harvest equipment.

We can manufacture:

  • Complete nut harvesters
  • In-field dehuskers
  • Recieval hoppers
  • Field bins
  • Inspection/sorting conveyors

    Macadamia Harvester2900

    Macadamia Harvester3250

    Macadamia Harvester900

    Inspection & sorting conveyors

      • 3-6t/hr capacities
      • All round inspection of nuts made possible by unique design
        • Variable speed turning rollers allow you to control the nuts’ turning speed
      • Nuts can be turned 2-3 times per 500mm of conveyor, regardless of conveyor speed
      • ‘Semi hopper’ allows for full table capacity
      • Seconds/rejection chute capability
      • Powerful LED lights for clear viewing of the turning nuts

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        In-field dehuskers

        • Large recieval hopper for easy unloading
        • Fitted with extractor fan
        • Can hold onto husks until full or allow them to funnel into a bin
        • Side loading for easy transfer of NIS

        Infield Nut DeHusker Cleaning System

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