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Spraying Equipment

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Sprayer for your

We have years of experience in supplying spraying equipment for a wide variety of crops, and are able to customise any machine to suit your needs.
Capacities can vary from 1000L up to 6800L. Single or double sided spraying is possible in most applications, and the sprayer can be made to
utilise your tractor’s hydraulics or to use its own fully self-contained hydraulic system.

Add-A-Fan Orchard sprayer

These sprayers can be built with fixed spray jets, or with oscillating spray jets to ensure maximum possible coverage of the crop.

Citrus sprayers

These sprayers can be built with fixed spray jets, or with oscillating spray jets to ensure maximum possible coverage of the crop.

Single sided sprayer unfolded

4800L single sided sprayer folded up

Double sided citrus sprayer unfolded

Single sided citrus sprayer unfolded and spraying crop

Oscillating fan sprayers


Designed by Tony Denton, the oscillating fan sprayer provides maximum coverage while using reduced, low volume spraying.

The fan sprayers oscillate the sprays in a continual top to bottom pattern, ensuring consistent coverage. They are capable of spraying trees up to 6m high, with capacities up to 6000L. The design allows for up to 4x 1.2m long fans to be fitted (2 per side). Smaller 3 point linkage units are also available. We can also fit an”FertigationEquipment” agitator to the tank which ensures spraying of a consistent mixture. Oscillation speed is adjustable from inside the tractor cabin. Sprayspeeds of approximately 4-5km/hr are achievable with oscillations of only 40 RPM. There are less moving parts compared to an oscillating jet sprayer, and better penetration is provided. Oscillating fan sprayers are capable of reducing the reqired L/Ha. Because air is projected directly by the fans, and not by any ductwork or moving flaps, the air speed (up to 82km/hr / 23m/s) and pressure maintain their integrity. By bringing all these features together, the oscillating fan sprayer allows it to perform with maximum results for the grower.

    Oscillating fan sprayer in action

    Oscillating fan sprayer with fully extended mast

    6000L oscillating fan sprayer side view

    1500L oscillating fan sprayer with 2 fans

    1500L oscillating fan sprayer with 2 fans

    Air assisted sprayers


    These units are available in capacities up to 6800L, and include mechanical “FertigationEquipment” agitation. The design features a unique air boom with dual rows of air, and allows for forward and reverse tilting of the air boom. Single or double sided booms are available.Self contained hydraulics are standard, along with variable speed hydraulically driven fans. All steel work is hot dip galvanised, and frames and rockers are heavy duty. Additionally, we can also provide single or double sided air bag sprayers for trellis crops.

      Air assisted spray unit

      Air assist sprayer with bags and double folding boom

      Air assist double sided bag sprayer folded up

      Air assist double sided bag sprayer in operation

      Boom sprayers

      We are able to supply boom sprayers up to 24m wide. Single or double sided options are available, with capacities from 1000L up to 6800L. Frames
      and booms are hot dip galvanised. We are able to supply complete sprayers, or if required, just the boom module.

        Boom sprayer folded up

        Boom sprayer unfolded and in operation